Hanna Schönwald


My name is Hanna Schönwald and I‘m an industrial designer living in the area of Hamburg. After I graduated from Pforzheim University of Design in 2020 I became a self-employed designer and artist. If I’m not on the road you’ll find me in the garage working on classic cars or art and design projects.

On this website I share my passion and work as well as the products that I create.


I was born on Christmas morning 1995 in Bielefeld. Growing up in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s allowed me to enjoy a care free childhood pre-boom of the internet and smart phones. Furthermore, I had the best prerequisites thanks to my schooling in a music, dance, theatre and art-oriented high school.

With the ability to inspire me with a wide variety of things, my interests grew from handicraft and technology to cars. I therefore completed my professional orientation internship at a car workshop and then continued to work in that field while finishing to school. When I decided to study industrial design, I was finally able to combine art and design with craftmanship. Before I started my further studies at Pforzheim I undertook an internship working with sculptor, designer and artist Andreas Helmling for 8 months. Here I learned how to work with wood, metal and plastics, skills which would be implemented into various future projects.

During my studies, I devoted myself intensively to drawing beyond the curriculum. This expanded my skillset and enabled me to take on remittance work alongside my university projects. To date, these include a wide variety of orders ranging from portraits and album covers to graphic and corporate designs.

The next step I took into the automotive industry was in 2018 with my internship at Porsche and decided to stay on this path. Following this in 2020, I undertook an internship at Daimler EvoBus which allowed me to complete my bachelor’s thesis at Pforzheim University of Design.

In 2021 I ultimately started to be self employed and I’m now working for several clients primarily in the automotive industry. In a broad variety of topics I deliver product and graphic designs as well as illustrations.

In 2023 I finally opened my own creative space – the Atelier Schönwald. The studio now is home to my daily creative work as well as interesting events and exhibitions.

And here we are today!


Internship and sidejob in an automotive repair shop
2015 - 2016
Preperative Internship for studying at Pforzheim University's School of Design at the renowned Sculptur's Studio of Andreas Helmling
2016 - 2020
Industrial Design, Pforzheim University, School of Design
Purchase of my first own classic car - Mercedes Benz W123
Internship at Porsche AG, Weissach
2019 - 2020
Internship at EvoBus GmbH, a Daimler AG Company
Bachelor's Thesis at EvoBus GmbH
Industrial- & Transportation Designer at Soehngen-Design
Self-employed Industrial Designer & Artist
Opening Atelier Schönwald