Dark Car Sculpture


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Dark Car – Reflecting the Art Car. 

If you’d start all over again, would you do everything exactly the same? Proving a concept by showing the opposite. A thought sparked in the process of creating the Art Car itself  has lead to this limited series of sculptures. What happens if a concept stays the same but the execution gets completely flipped upside down? The more I thought about that the more interesting got the idea – so here we go!

In a limited series of 10 hand painted and thus unique sculptures the idea has been carried out to turn the Art Car around. White paint on a black fiberglass sculpture highlighting the natural reflections which are usually evanescent and evolving at the same time.

Each sculpture is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, is mounted in a black frame and comes with custom made carton box.

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Hand painted limited edition fiberglass sculpture in a series of just ten pieces. Each sculpture is slightly different and they come framed and in a custom made carton box.

The sculptures are made to order and the delivery will take place end of September 2022. Deliveries to non-EU countries may incur additional duties, taxes and fees.


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